What are my Savor Beauty location choices? 

  • West Village, NYC (for parties of up to 6)
  • Upper West Side, NYC
  • Saugerties, NY 

Do we get a dedicated party host? 
For parties of 4 or more, you have a dedicated party host. 

What are your refund policies? 
It is non-refundable. Once you purchase a party package, we reserve that date and time exclusively for you and decline other inquiries. We also reserve our staff time and ask them to hold this for you. 

Can I bring food and alcohol? 
Yes. There is a $20 cleaning fee if you bring food or alcohol, and you must take all food and alcohol with you after the party. Please bring plates, cups, and utensils. 

Can I decorate and bring balloons? 
Yes. Please clean up and take with you after the party. 

Can I bring glitter or other fun things to throw? 

What if someone wants to attend the day of the party? 
For extra guests beyond the package you purchased, we charge $75 plus 18% tip and tax per guest. 

What if expected guests do not attend the party? Can we change to get the smaller package the day of party? 
No. We reserve our staff's time and prepare for your party package as it was purchased. 

Can we pay separately? 
We cannot divide the party package, however, what most guests do is venmo their portion to the person who purchased the package. 

Do you do Face Cake Parties for just 2 people? 
Yes, if you do not require a dedicated party host, please email us and we are happy to provide special pricing. 

I see that we each get $10 credit toward Savor Beauty products! Can we pool our credit to give to one person? 
No, two offers cannot be combined. 

Can I use the $10 credit later for product or a spa service? 
No, this is a special for the party day. 

Can I use the $10 credit online? 
No, unfortunately, the two systems are separate. 

Can I bring my own party play list? 
Yes, you can as long as it fits with our spa brand. Please remember that we are a spa and there may be treatments happening so we want to be respectful of our other guests. If a guest complains or the party host feels it is out of alignment, we will ask to change the playlist. 

Who can I reach out to with questions? 
During the weekdays (not holidays), we answer inquiries within 24 business hours. 

To bring Face Cake Parties to a larger private event or corporate events, e-mail us for a custom quote.